Street Strife to Farm Life

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Reimagining traditional TNVR

Help stop the spread of unwanted, uncared for cats in our community. Adopt a Working Cat for your farm, homestead or business.

Due to year-round warm temperatures in Florida, unspayed female cats can have 3-4 litters every year making overpopulation a dire problem. To combat that issue, First Ladies Farm started their Street Strife to Farm Life (TNVR) program placing feral and friendly feral cats in barn homes rather than returning them to problem colonies where they face abuse and danger.

These cats are provided to farms, businesses, and stables free of charge but with strict requirements for care, safety, and kindness from their new families. These working cats provide eco-friendly rodent control freeing their new environments from the need for harmful poisons and chemicals.

What you get: two, three or more spayed/neutered, vaccinated working cats to help you with your mice, rats, snakes or just to provide companionship on the farm. You can feel good about getting them to safety and doing your part to stop the overpopulation of cats in our area.

Street Strife to Farm Life Cats are delivered to you free of charge. However, we are a nonprofit, 501c3 and Guidestar rated rescue, so donations are welcome and appreciated.


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