About Us…Life at the Farm


First Ladies Farm

First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary grew out of a passion for rescuing cats and kittens. The name of the sanctuary comes from the First Ladies of the United States. Usually, the Presidents get all the fanfare, but we know the women worked hard, often unheralded and unnoticed, so we honor their legacies!

First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary is a community-supported, “no kill” rescue in Riverview, FL in the greater Tampa/Gulf Coast region. First Ladies Farm is often the last, best, and only chance for cats with critical needs in the area.

Community support is crucial to the success of First Ladies with generous supporters and followers from all 50 states, Canada, Europe, and South America. With the support of this community, First Ladies is able to say "Yes" when other rescues including state and county services have said no.

This young rescue has grown by leaps and bounds in its first three years placing 13 kittens in new homes in 2018, 53 in 2019, and over 300 in 2020.

But it’s not only kittens! Other members of the First Ladies Farm family include numerous chickens, ducks, geese, and peafowl, many with special needs having survived dumping, abuse, and even arson. First Ladies is the only rescue and sanctuary for domestic poultry on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Three Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs guard the flock which has recently grown to include three friendly goats!

First Ladies Farm is proudly a woman and veteran owned rescue.