Cat Adoption Contract

  • Please read this contract carefully as it is a legally binding document. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Florida. 

    If you have any questions or concerns or feel that you cannot abide by any portion of this contract, please contact First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary (FLFAS) to discuss.

    For all cats and kittens adopted from First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary – both indoor/house cats & barn cats:

    1.) While we, First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary (FLFAS), never adopt a cat or kitten that we have reason to believe is ill or has been exposed to disease, there are no adequate tests for certain viruses, colds, allergies, and infections. We adopt out cats in good faith but cannot guarantee their continued good health.

    2.) All veterinary services required after adoption are the responsibility of the you, the adopter unless specifically waived by First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary for advanced medical and special needs adoptions.

    2A.) For Indoor/House Cat Adoptions: It is the responsibility of you, the adopter, to establish a relationship for veterinary care for your new cat or kitten within 14 days of adoption. A kitten/cat wellness visit includes the following:

    Physical Exam Fecal Analysis Deworming Vaccination boosters Additional Vaccines as recommended by your Vet (Feline Leukemia) Treatment as needed (monthly) for fleas, ear mites, etc. (Revolution/Advantage)

    2B.) For Barn Cats Adopted through the Street Strife to Farm Life Program:  It is the responsibility of you, the adopter, to provide on-going medical care as needed even if this means trapping the cat to facilitate a veterinary visit. Recommended care for Barn Cats includes flea treatment and annual vaccines.

    3.) You agree to provide food, water, shelter, kind treatment, and veterinary care for the cat(s) at all times and for the entire duration of the cat’s life.

    4.) You will not allow this cat to be used for illegal purposes or purposefully harmed in any way.

    5.) If the cat/kitten must be relinquished for any reason, you, the adopter, agree to return the animal to First Ladies Farm & Sanctuary. You MUST NOT turn the cat/kitten over to any other shelter, person, or organization. Under no circumstances is a house cat/kitten to be placed outside, dumped, or abandoned. You agree not to sell, give away, or dispose of the cat in any manner (except euthanasia for medical reasons, only as advised by a licensed veterinarian.)

    6.) It is expressly understood that FLFAS places this cat(s) with no warranty as to physical condition or temperament. The adopter accepts this cat(s) “AS IS” with any defects, either observable or unobservable and assumes all risks of health and behavior.

  • Cat Adoption Contract

    Cat Adoption Contract

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